15-Cetimeter Mutant Potted Plant Sells for $2,200 in Simply 30 Minutes

Monstera adansonii is a common houseplant that can be purchased at any home and garden store for as little as $ 12. A rare example recently sold for a whopping 1,799 euros.

A garden center in Lovendegem, Belgium recently sold a rare specimen of Monstera adansonii for a small fortune in just 30 minutes. The plant in question was only six inches tall, but it had an extremely rare mutation that caused the perforated leaves to turn yellow or white instead of the usual green. This type of plant is virtually impossible to grow, so collectors are willing to pay a hefty premium to get their hands on it. In this particular case, an anonymous plant collector who had been looking for this rare specimen of monstera adansonii for some time bought it within 30 minutes of its sale.

Photo: Claessen Ochideeen

“It is a very special specimen that cannot be cultivated,” said Arne Schurmans (24), Marketing Manager at Intratuin Lovendegem. “In very exceptional cases it is a kind of mutation of the common Monstera adansonii. Instead of green, the leaves turn white or yellow. We were very surprised that the system sold out so quickly. The customer was a collector who had wanted one for some time. We wouldn’t have just given it to a normal customer. “

In addition to the high price, the mutated Monstera adansonii also has some special features in terms of maintenance. It is extremely sensitive to sunlight and should not be fogged, otherwise it will lose its special color.

Rare houseplants like this Monstera adansonii have become extremely popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to breeders and distributors. People spend more time at home, some really want to outdo their neighbors, others just pay more attention to their collections, and that really drives up the demand for special items.

Photo: monsteramania

“We are trying to respond to the hype about plants that has been going on since the corona crisis and the demand for special plants. For example, we used to sell plants for 140 euros that came from far away. We also recently had the pink princess Philodendron which sold out within two hours. It really has become all the rage, ”said Arne Schurmans.

Interestingly, regular Monstera Adansonii plants of similar size to this mutant, valued at $ 2,200, can be purchased at virtually any plant center or even home and garden stores for just $ 12.

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