16 Of The Oddest Animal Rescues

Nicknamed the Chompers, this sea lion was held alive on a buoy off the California coast. Chompers had a fishing line wrapped around his neck and a hook in his head that led to an almost fatal infection.

When he was taken to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, doctors untangled him and treated the infection. However, Chompers did not eat even after the infection subsided. Doctors found that he had 20 stones in his stomach. You could remove 12 of the stones through his mouth. Chompers then vomited the rest, which quickly put him on the path of recovery. He was miraculously able to return to the wild in November 2020.

Poor Jamie the hamster stuck in a tiny pipe for almost a week. He landed on the bottom of a four-inch wide, three-foot-tall pipe, and the handler could not get him out. The sitter spent 6 days giving him food and even a rope in the hopes that he would climb out. She eventually called animal rescuers for help.

Animal Welfare Officer Alison Sparkes made a tiny ladder out of a series of old wire mesh and placed it in the pipe. Jamie managed to get the ladder to safety shortly afterwards. Aside from being a little dehydrated, Jamie was fine.

That poor deer kind of fell backwards between two walls of a property. Rescuers were called in by a homeowner in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire to rescue the deer trapped between their home and the garage. Firefighters were required to hold the deer’s legs and head while others laid ropes under the animal. They could then get the animal to safety.

The only injuries appeared to be the rescuers who were kicked by the uncooperative animal. The firefighters maintained some bumps and bruises, but the deer flew into the forest the moment it was freed.

This poor cat was somehow impaled by several posts on top of an 8-foot fence. A passerby spotted the cat and quickly realized that it needed help. The RSPCA came to something it had never seen before. Unsure what to do, the RSPCA quickly reached out to the fire department for assistance.

The firefighters came with equipment to cut the fence posts (knowing they shouldn’t try to pull the cat off the posts) that could be used to transport the cat to a veterinary clinic for emergency surgery. Miraculously, the cat walked around and recovered well, perhaps thankful that the posts missed its vital organs.

This cute little star caused a stir when she was stuck in a tiny gap in a manhole cover. Fortunately, someone spotted the little bird’s head before it was trodden on, run over, or eaten by another animal.

The witness called the RSPCA, who arrived immediately to remove the manhole cover and release the bird’s head. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt. It seemed strange that the bird was stuck and its head came out of the manhole cover instead of the other way around. Rescuers found the bird must have got stuck in the underground drainage system and discovered a way out through the gap. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite fit through without help.

This was no ordinary cat stuck in a tree. This was a mountain lion that appeared to be stuck on a branch nearly five stories above the ground. The mountain lion was spotted near a house in California near the edge of the San Bernardino Mountains.

While it isn’t uncommon for cougars to wander from their mountain home, it is uncommon to find one so high up in a tree. Firefighters and wildlife officers arrived on site to find out how to safely get this animal to the ground. Wildlife officials managed to calm the puma and firefighters used harnesses to keep him safe. Biologists were on site to assess the mountain lion’s health before it was released back into its natural habitat.

Qabid, this energetic baby rhinoceros was not the first time to play with his favorite tire. However, it was the first time firefighters came to the Edinburgh Zoo to rescue him. Qabid was frolicking in his enclosure when his head and leg were stuck in the tire. The firefighters had to come with equipment to cut him out, but only after the rhino was sedated.

This large manatee was stranded on a sand bar in Georgia at low tide. Apparently an attempt was made to navigate an artificial shortcut between two rivers near Savannah. Manatees weigh between 800 and 1200 pounds. That doesn’t make it easy to move.

Wildlife workers made every effort to keep this manatee moist while they waited for help. A ditch was plowed from the river to the mammal with a bulldozer. As soon as they could, the workers rolled the manatee onto a stretcher and led her into deeper water where she could swim away.

A Cooper’s Hawk was injured just before Hurricane Harvey landed in TX. Hurricane. The bird took shelter in a William Bruso Lone Star Taxicab.

Bruso, who was busy preparing for hurricanes, returned to his taxi to find the injured hawk huddled in his passenger seat. Bruso said he tried to encourage the hawk to leave, but he wouldn’t move. So he and the hawk, a woman he called “Harvey,” went home together to weather the storm.

After Liz Compton posted videos of herself and Harvey, she got wind of the falcon’s injuries. Compton is a wildlife rehabilitator with the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition who specializes in birds and birds of prey. Compton and her husband were able to get Harvey out of Bruso’s house before the storm to keep the hawk safe and to help her recover from her injuries.

In a brilliant move, Katie Alsop turned to Tinder to find and rescue her lost cat. After Peanut disappeared from her house, Alsop wanted to do more than just post “Lost Cat” signs. She needed something more drastic and efficient.

Alsop created a Tinder profile for Peanut within a 10 km radius of their house, showed his picture and asked for help in finding him. Within 30 minutes, Alsop met 400 people who promised to look out for their cat. A man spotted the cat in his garden, but the cat fled when Alsop arrived. She left a trail to her house with tuna, cat litter and dirty laundry, from where peanuts were discovered. Just a few hours later, Peanut arrived at her door and meowed in

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more dogs have been rescued from animal shelters than ever before. In fact, so many dogs have found homes forever that there is a shortage of dogs to adopt.

These rescues may not be as weird or dramatic as some, but they are just as important – especially for the lucky dogs.

Dolphins are known to save other dolphins and even people. In this story, a pod of dolphins noticed a lone seal pup who was exhausted and drifting into shallow water. If seals get too close to shallow water and cannot swim out, there is a high chance that they have been stranded and stranded.

The dolphins came to the rescue of this baby and gently nudged the swimming puppy into deeper waters. The dolphin’s behavior is a fine example of animals helping each other, which is more common than we think.

Firefighters were called to a scene in California after it was reported that a man, dog and turtle were stuck in a hole. By the time they arrived the man had freed himself from what was actually a tunnel dug by the family’s pet turtle. The 70 pound turtle named Godzilla.

Godzilla was in his tunnel when the German Shepard family named Taylor decided to join him. Taylor brought a blanket that entangled the animals and the blanket.

Fortunately, in about 10 minutes, the firefighters were able to remove enough debris to disentangle the animals and loosen the dog. Godzilla was finally persuaded with some salad.

John Crawford, a resident of Belleville, Illinois, followed his bird, Amigo, to the bottom of a recently dredged lake. The blue and yellow macaw left its owner’s shoulder to explore on its own. Crawford followed him and was waist high on the bottom of the muddy seabed. Amigo sat safely back on Crawford’s shoulder while the rescuers had to come and pull him out of the mud.

This story is about both survival and salvation. In Adelaide, Australia, the driver called for help after hearing a cry from his car. Rescuers came and removed the wheel, revealing a frightened, fat-covered, and very relieved koala bear. Fortunately, the bear had only minor injuries after a 10 mile drive!

No firefighters are required for this. This rescue didn’t take much more than some water or careful tearing to loosen the cardboard TP roll this ferret climbed into, but it’s too cute not to share. His human took a picture before he got out of this difficult situation.

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