44vibetv Twitter video on social media, 14 year old kid dies

Video Leaked 44vibetv Twitter And Reddit, Falling Ride In Orlando Death Footage

A video was made after the most terrible incident occurred at the Orlando amusement park. This film is startling viewers since the content is heinous to have witnessed. You will be heartbroken after seeing the 44 vibe tv twitter Michael video. The video immediately became the most talked-about topic on the internet the day after it was uploaded by a Twitter user. Keep an eye out for further details on this.

The video was shared on Twitter by a person who goes by the handle @44vibeTV. The account’s username is “44vibe News.” It is a news page where the user has shared viral and educational stuff. With 28.5k followers, it is the American reporting account. The 14-year-old video was released by 44vibetv on March 25th, 2022 at 9:20 PM. In the video, the victim can be seen falling from the height of the “Drop Tower” as it moves lower. Meanwhile, the cops around him see that he has slumped and call an ambulance.

Later, a man entered the room where the 14-year-old boy was lying on the floor and can be seen on the phone. The young man who died on the trip was identified as a football player who was only 24 years old. He was nicknamed as “Big Tick” and was originally from St. Louis. His photographs are also widely available on the internet, and they clearly reveal that he was a huge child.

He’s also sporting a black sweatshirt and black jeans in the video. In addition, there was a bloodstain on the floor where he had landed. His collapse, according to sources, was caused by a disregard for safety standards. He fell because he was not adequately secured.

“I’m still in awe that something like that occurred right in front of me,” one unidentified witness added, “because it’s so horrible to watch a 14-year-old lose his life.” The 14-year-old was out with his buddies when they decided to check out Icon Park’s new “Free Fall attraction,” but they had no clue what would happen to Ivan.

Everyone is shocked from this incident and lots of videos emerged on social media on the death of the teen boy in Orlando’s icon park. 44vibetv also shared the video of the death incident but later removed it because of policy violation. Police is already investigating this case and may soon arrest someone.

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