5 Scary Information About Cyberattacks

Most people have heard of computer viruses and malware. However, they might believe that they will never be a victim of a cyber attack and only realize their mistake when it’s too late. You can guarantee that you will want to improve your passwords, encrypt every file, and skip unwanted emails after reading these five scary facts about cyberattacks.

1.) The average hacker hides for 205 days

You might be shocked to learn that the average hacker stays hidden on a network for 205 days. In many cases, companies experiencing a data breach receive fake messages that appear to be from the company’s IT department or a vendor.

Unfortunately, most companies won’t find out about a breach until it’s too late. Hence, it is important to have reliable cybersecurity solutions to identify an intelligent cybercriminal and prevent them from gaining access to a network.

2.) Internet crime has increased by 300% since COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber criminals have taken advantage of the vulnerable networks of many companies as brands have had to move from the office to private homes. As a result, the FBI recorded 12,377 COVID-related scams and reported that cyber crime had increased by 300% since the pandemic began.

3.) 52% of companies using a cloud service have found a violation

According to reports, 79% of companies store sensitive data in a public cloud and 52% of them have stolen data while using the service. Unfortunately, a violation via a SaaS service can lead to significant data loss and even violations of legal regulations.

With many employees using personal devices to access a cloud and move data between different cloud services, businesses large and small must look for more secure alternatives. For example, if a company uses a messaging platform in the workplace to support internal communications, it can keep complete control of its data and enjoy more privacy with an open source on-prem Slack alternative like Mattermost.

4.) A cyber attack strikes every 39 seconds

According to a study by the Clark School at the University of Maryland, a cyber attack occurs on average every 39 seconds. The study also found that cyber criminals had a greater chance of success due to weak usernames and passwords. Therefore, it is a wise decision for individuals and businesses to create stronger usernames and passwords and adopt two-factor authentication.

5.) In September 2020, 7 million records were compromised

According to the HIPAA Journal, 83 data breaches resulted in 9,710,520 health records being published in September 2020 alone. As of August 2020, this was a jump of 348.07%, which shows the strength of cyber attacks in the double-digit range. Even more frightening, the exact number of U.S. health organizations affected has not been confirmed and the final total may be much higher.

So there you have it. If you want to make sure that you are never a victim of a cyber attack, you need to strengthen every password, put in place a solid anti-virus system, and keep copies of your important files. If you need more advice about security, take the time to track down a professional who can help you secure your business and the important data you have.

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