6ix9ine Spotify Hacked with pictures, graphic images

6ix9ine or famously known as Tekashi69, is a great American music performer. His performing genre of music is Rapping. The 25 years old singer took off his journey after his song ‘Gummo’ in 2017 got well-known among rap lovers. The singer as he preferred genre, loves to have an over-concerning nature. The style of his lifestyle can depict his way of living, he has been in some legal complications is past.

As we all know how defaming in music industry works. On 16th of October, 6ix9ine Spotify account was brutally hacked. The hackers hacked into 6ix9ine account and made some severe changes including his profile, bio and even filled it within inappropriate media.

It was clearly visible that the hackers wanted to mock 6ix9ine, that’s why they modified his bio stating that he wants to grow up like Lil Durk and Trippie Redd. The next part was little severe, they added ‘Wack 100 is his boyfriend’. The main reason behind hacking could be making 6ix9ine offensive against it.

If you look at past appearances of the performer, then he has been in highlights were frequently. And the reasons behind him been over the news screen is not what makes him proud. This another incident of his Spotify account getting hacked has set-up a mockery section for everyone, especially his haters.

He has been into this spree because of his controversial life decisions. But the performer hasn’t made much progress since his past experiences. In 2020, the 25 year old rapper, mocked Lil Durk when he posted a tribute song for his cousin brother. People accuse this as the hacker’s motto. So that they can put up a point over the wrong actions that are portrayed.

Hackers apparently changed the profile picture of the artist to an offensive image. Hackers may have used beef to change 6ix9ine’s bio, where it gave a message to the public that he looked up at Lil durk and Trippie Redd while he grew. People have used this as a meme source and took over the internet on their accounts. Netizens got yet another piece to mock the artist without missing up a chance.

The intentions are not yet clear why this incident took place. Who is responsible behind it? The fans are discussion the possible theories on social media after the incident. This was noticed a day ago when some graphic images started appearing on the profile. Spotify investigating the root cause behind it.

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