70-12 months-Previous Girl Allegedly Poisons Husband by Placing Boric Acid in His Espresso

A 70-year-old woman from Queens, New York, was recently arrested after her husband caught her making his coffee with boric acid.

Robert Baron first noticed that the food his wife cooked for him tasted weird back in September last year. He also felt sick after eating, and sometimes he got so tired that he slept for 15 hours at a time. The 63-year-old man suspected something was wrong and installed a small surveillance camera in the kitchen without telling his eleven-year-old wife Suncha Tinevra about it. So he caught his partner tying his coffee with a chemical that killed cockroaches.

Photo: John Smith Clark / Unsplash

Last week when Baron was checking the camera, he saw his wife pour some sort of powder into his coffee. After Baron saw the footage, he entered the 111th district and reported his wife to the police. Tinevra was arrested soon after, and the coffeepot and coffee from the couple’s home were confiscated for testing.

It turned out that the elderly woman had added boric acid to her husband’s coffee, which she later admitted, adding that it was not the first time.

“I’ve done this two or three times, I don’t remember when, just when I’m angry,” Suncha Tinevra told police. “I just wanted to teach him a lesson.”

Photo: rkit / Pixabay

The 70-year-old woman was released last Friday without bail, but with a protective warrant prohibiting her from approaching her husband.

Boric acid is a white powder that is widely used in various fields. It is sometimes used as an antiseptic to treat minor burns or cuts, but also as an insecticide for cockroaches, ants, and other insects. According to an affidavit from a case similar to the one pictured above, one tablespoon of boric acid is enough to kill a 150-pound man.

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