Aaron Martens: Bass Angler Fishing Legend Death, Obituary

In a sport that is often seen as lowbrow and amateur, Aaron Martens was an icon. His success on the water led him to be one of Toyota Bassmaster Angler year winner three times – 2005, 2013, 2015. Even when he wasn’t winning championships or fishing professionally for tournament organizers like in other sports. His passion defined what could happen if you put your mind into something. He passed away at the age of the 49 leaving behind his work and records. He was the two-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year. He was one of the most successful and professional bass anglers in United States.

Who was Aaron Martens?

Aaron Martens was the professional bass anglers who won the numerous titles and awards for his work. He was 99 years old and native of Amercia.

Aaron was a part of the Leeds-based fishing company that designs lures. He had been fighting cancer for 19 months and his wife announced his death on social media this week, saying it’s her last gift to him before moving onto heaven with God as he wished.”

Aaron died Saturday after battling glioblastoma all alone since December 2020 when she first suspected something might be wrong because there were no outward signs such has dropping weight or sudden behavioral changes but finally got sicker than anyone could’ve imagined possible.

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Aaron Martens Professional Career

His impressive Bassmaster resume includes more than 240 games with 8500 pounds in weight class. He’s won 20 classic competitions and three Angler of the Year Awards, making him one of America’s best anglers.

Martens played a crucial role in the success of his team, helping them to victory at both Red Crest Championships and on the 2019 Bass Pro Tour. He was always ready with an offer for someone who needed it most- no matter how big or small your request may be. He will truly be missed by those close friends that shared this life journey as well as all fans across social media platforms and prayers along side family members affected due too recent events.

Aaron Martens Death Cause

Aaron Martens died from cancer at the age of 49. He was survived by his mother, wife and two children.

Aaron, the man who three titles of Bass Angler has passed away after battling brain cancer, an illness not many people can comprehend or share in their own struggles with it on such deep levels like he did every step of way until his final breath.

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