Acacia Kersey Tumblr: Scandal, Age and Controversy


Acacia Kersey, 23 years old internet influencer announced that she is quitting social media. She has been recognized for her diversification post of her selfies. She is among the most controversial figure on the internet. She has announced this news on different social media. She used to earn through online social media platforms like you tube, Instagram and Tumblr. The social media controversies and scandals are rising each day. We had already seen the misuse of the social media platforms Tiktok and Twitter.

Since a decade, she is running a you tube channel with the name “Acaciacutie”. She used to post the content related to family and lifestyle along with her husband and kids. She gained huge popularity which can be seen by having a huge fan following and subscribers of hers. She amassed 870k subscribers on you tube and 2 million followers on Instagram.

Besides being a popular influencer, what happen to her? Why is she quitting internet? Let’s put some highlights on this.

Acacia has gone through lots of controversies and drama after a particular point of time. She received several black comments from the people. She has been called “BAD MOM” because she neglected her daughter who is disable since birth. Recently she put herself in the drama where she got accused for stealing a series of instagram presets from a fellow influencer. She used to be criticized for Sexism and drama Receiving a much of negative comments and controversies she decided to take one step back from this profession. It will be good decision for her family too. She even give the statement in which she clearly mentioned how this profession had negative impact on her, on her relationships, her financial stability and her view of the world.

If we talk about Acacia net worth, she earned huge wealth of $700k to $ 1 million. She is better known for posting her pictures at a young age. She was having many relationships with the boys older than her. When she grows, she changed her content to herself to the family friendly brand. She at the age of 18 is the mother of three children. She is happily married to the Jarius Kersey, a rock band singer from Alive like me.

Her net worth and way of income shocked everyone on the social media. Nothing can said clearly of Acacia this time as she is a viral topic for discussion in the users.

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