Actual-Life Sleeping Magnificence Sleeps For As much as 13 Days at a Time

A 17-year-old Indonesian girl who occasionally falls asleep for several days in a row has been described as a “real Sleeping Beauty” or “sleeping daughter of South Kalimantan”.

Echa, who hails from Banjarmasin in Indonesia’s South Kalimantan region, first made headlines in 2017 when national news outlets reported that she slept for 13 days in a row. She has had two worrying episodes since then, sleeping for about a day and a half, but last week Echa’s condition worsened and she fell into a deep sleep for about seven days. Her parents took her to Ansari Saleh Hospital in Banjarmasin, but her tests went well. The teen finally woke up after a total of nine days, but the doctors say she is still very weak.

Nobody really knows what causes Echa’s unusually long sleep, but symptoms suggest she has hypersomnia, a very rare neurological condition in which people are excessively sleepy during the day and fall asleep for long periods of time. Hypersomnia comes in many forms and is likely to have many causes, from neurological damage to genetic factors to physical or emotional trauma.

Echa’s father Mulyadi told that he tried several times to wake the girl, but to no avail. Interestingly, the girl reportedly chewed and swallowed food in her sleep when fed by her parents and became restless when going to the bathroom. Mulyadi said that when she is taken to the bathroom and on the toilet seat, she urinates.

Once viral in 2017, Echa ‘Sleeping Beauty’ from South Kalimantan is talking again. This teenage girl fell asleep again for days, allegedly from hypersomnia.

– detikcom (@detikcom) April 9, 2021

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is currently incurable, but Echa’s parents hope that her symptoms can at least be better treated so that she can lead a more or less normal life.

While Echa’s condition is debilitating, it pales in comparison to that of any other real Sleeping Beauty we introduced a few years ago. Sharik Tovar, a young girl from Colombia, reportedly sleeps for up to two months at a time.


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