Alan Tudge affair with Rachelle Miller, quits ministry after allegations

Rachelle Miller and Alan Tudge: Why this politician resigned?

Rachelle Miller accused Alan Tudge who is the American politician and Education minister get allegations of physical abuse while she was in the hotel room with the politician. The case is getting huge popularity now days. Let’s put some highlight over the case and get information who is Rachelle Miller.

The two were in the extra- marital affairs in 2017. Both Rachelle and Alan work together and that how they both come close to each other. This is the very reason for which, Alan 20 years of long marriage get ended.

Even, miller confirmed their affair by the show Four Corners in November 2020. But suddenly after 1 year, Rachelle puts some allegations over the Alan that he had abused her emotionally and physically. This is the incident of December 2021, where Rachelle accused him of bullying and intimidation. After these allegations, Alan has to stay away from the Ministry till the investigations get over.

This Friday afternoon, The Honorable Prime Minister, Scott Morrison released the findings of the independent inquiry into Tudge’s relationship. In the statement Dr. Vivienne Thom, Respected former public servant, report that there is an insufficient evidence to support Rachelle Miller allegations over Alan Tudge. He further stated that the evidence does not provide the proof that, Tudge’s conduct breached the Ministerial Standards. Tudge is still away from the Ministry and he asked to the ministry to not to be reappointed to the frontbench before the elections.

Rachelle doesn’t provide any information related to her past marriage at any social media or news sources. But yes it is confirm that she had married once and shares one child with his ex-husband. On the other side, Ex- minister Alan Tudge was in 20 years of long marriage with his wife name Teri Etchells. The couple get separated after the news of his extra- marital affairs with Rachelle hot viral. The couple gets divorced in the very same year 2017. The couple is the parent of three children. Their third child born in 2016, just before one year of their separation.

At this time it is unclear what Rachelle’s past marriage was like, but she has one child from her ex-husband. Her current husband Alan Tudge shares custody of the little girl with his ex wife Teri Etchells who’s also an Australian politician and mother to two other children. The net worth of Alan Tudge is not known.

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