Alexander Aj Jennings outer banks character Death Cause

Who is Aj Jennings from outer banks character? What happened to him? 

Outer Banks is highly famous in the world of entertainment and if you are a very ardent follower then you will know that there was an amazing crew member working behind the scenes, he was none other than AJ Jennings. This guy was highly talented and was on his way to make it big in the entertainment industry while a hit and run case has apparently taken his life. This horrible incident has happened in James Island.

Aj Jennings, Outer Banks character

The artist was mainly known for playing the role in the popular Outer Banks. He got the fame from the TV show and also got the fame in the public and fans.

This incident came to light once the news and media sources made this stuff viral about the hit and run collision and then it gained some air to it. As of now Netflix HR has also walked in as Outer Banks was their product and the HR is involved in counseling the crew member who are highly affected by it and also ensuring that there are smooth talks with the family of this young man who died an unfortunate death.

This case is being investigated by Charleston County police who are leaving no stone unturned in this case. While crew members are shocked, the investigation of the police of Charleston County is going in a very high speed and proper manner.

What happened to AJ Jennings? Cause of death of AJ Jennings

As per the reports, AJ Jennings was walking while two hit and run collisions took away his life. This incident took place on Tuesday. As per the reports, he was taken to the hospital but still his life could not be saved. It was because of the speed of the vehicle things became worst.

It is said that both the vehicles that collided with AJ Jennings fled from the accident place. This is confirmed by the eye witnesses who saw this terrible incident. The vehicles are caught by the police already.

We don’t have any official information on the net worth the actor. He made his professional career grow from the TV shows and series.

AJ Jennings died in the hit and run incident.

Fans and actors paid tribute to the AJ Jennings actor on the social media. He has many followers on Instagram.

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