Alicia Scholes (alicia.scholesx) Age, Daughter of Paul Scholes Instagram

Looks like children are taking up steps to disappoint their parents’ fame after all. One such incident has taken up recently when Paul Scholes’ daughter, Alicia Scholes, has shared a small footage on internet. The video consisted of bizarre scene where Alicia is stretching her foot towards Paul and he is nibbling her toenail. She captioned this video as ‘true love’.

Apparently, this footage could question up many things in the mind of fans. But nothing can be included. Fans have been trolling the legend ex-football player and looking forward to a statement on what exactly does the video shall portray.

Alicia Scholes is a 20 years old netball player who recently joined London Pulse team after stepping down from Manchester Thunder. This isn’t the only time Alicia has trolled something and her dad Paul took over the heat. During the lockdown, Alicia threw a New Year’s party at Paul’s mansion. She was dressed as an angel and posted a photo with 8 of her friends (so called pals). Later the police had to take over a work with her dad Paul Scholes relating to the gathering.

The footage that Alicia posted was forwarded on Instagram. She has almost 62,000 followers. Isn’t it childish to share such a footage over to the fans and leaping an embarrassment wave towards her dad? After the post, many people have posted funny yet passive comments against the sportsmen. Even though he has taken up retirement, he still has a heated fame from his game. Looks like it is time for the down trail to measure up.

Alicia has accounts on other social media as well such as Facebook and Twitter, but she has very less engagement on her posts there. This over enthusiastic girl has a plan to play U21 now as she is almost the senior age. The main reason behind trolling the 46 year’s old Paul Scholes is the absurd caption ‘true love’. The Manchester United legend would need time to come over this fact of action and maybe post something soon on or behalf the footage.

The young girl went viral on the Instagram for sharing a message in the footage video for the father Paul Scholes. She is fitness freak who is having 77K followers on the Instagram profile. She is a native of UK who updates her Insta regularly with new posts and pictures. For watching out her daily routine and exercise clips, check profile.

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