Allegra Stratton Twitter video of Downing Street party trends

Social media is now full of mocking memes and videos by projecting specific people. These meme jokes are now a trending phase of social media, especially on Twitter platforms. Recently, on Twitter, there is a viral party that went down the street in this pandemic lockdown by erupting the mocking and fury memes by showing and uploading the staff jokes on Boris Johnson.

Allegra Stratton video

Mocking memes also projected the illegal festival bash when Tier 3 of lockdown is shut down. These memes’ revelation was sparked by fury memes which went wider among the public through social media.
Social media is now flooded with fresh evidence by suggesting the Christmas party which holds 10 staff members in last year’s lockdown. Many of the users on Twitter are finding the funny phase by comparing the memes of P.M. and Mr. Bobby.

Allegra Stratton Downing Street

The memes have evolved about the Christmas party which emerged in the night at Downing Street. This party is allegedly held on the day which became the primary reason for the cancellation of Christmas for many people by plunging around London.

On Twitter, the meme videos showed the No10 advisors who are special by taking part in the fake press meet conference that is held by the PM. After cancelling, the PM spoke to the press secretary of Allegra Stratton for four days when the event was alleged by focusing on serious questions and denials.

These meme clips are discovered among TV channels especially in ITV news by showing Ed Oldfield and Ms. Stratton. In a recent interview at Oldfield, a reporter asks about the downing street Christmas party which was cancelled on Friday night. For this question, Ms Stratton replied by laughing that “I Went Home”

Users reaction on Twitter

The leaked footage was released when Boris Johnson refused to answer questions and answers on gatherings during events. The main reason for cancelling the party is not maintaining the social distance because the party was held during the severe pandemic period.

Police stated that “we should be aware of leaked footage by considering the concern of investigation on avoiding the rules of COVID-19”

Keir Starmer responded to the leaked footage that with the help of the Christmas party, the person who is the reason for the party must come clean to apologise, and from that time holding of parties was banned under the avoidance of COVID-19 rules.

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