Alpo Martinez of Paid in Full Shot Dead in Harlem

Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, the notorious drug dealer who ran New York in 80s is dead after being gunned down early Sunday morning. The news shocked everyone in the industry. He was killed when someone shot into his car while he was riding. His death brought back memories for many people living here due to all of their negatives encounters with him over the years. It’s no wonder there were no arrests made at this crime scene despite evidence found inside vehicle linking him directly responsible. Police sealed the nearby area after the shooting in Harlem. Locals are in fear after the shooting.

Who is Alpo Martinez?

The former drug boss was gunned down in his native Harlem. He was 55-years old. The drug lord was born in 1966.

Alpo was a drug dealer from New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, born in Puerto Rico. His full name is Alberto Geddis Martinez. He was married. His children name is Popperazzi Po. He was one of the wanted drug dealers in United States.

A passing vehicle was reported to be involved in the shooting on West 147th Street near Frederick Douglass Blvd. Martinez was taken to Harlem Hospital but died before. He passed away just before dawn and wanted his remains returned so they would never forget the people who made this place their home.

Paid in Full film 2002

Paid In Full was the movie which was released in 2002 inspired from notorious drug dealer. The movie, based on real-life black gangsters during a time crack devastated inner cities like Harlem and Brooklyn’s 112th Street where dealers were running rampant with violence as their product took control of many sections of New York City. The movie grossed only $3 million at box office but still managed to make waves all over America following its release.

Alpo Martinez Death Cause

Also died in a shooting in Harlem on 31st of October.

The motive for Alpo Martinez’s murder is still unknown, but his family believes that he was targeted because of what he represented. He had worked with many community groups in New York.

Alpo Martinez was arrested multiple times and served 35 years in prison for it, but thankfully this work made him regain protection under federal witness program so that he could continue to help prosecute major cases without fear of retaliation from the gangsters after they were put behind bars themselves with all their criminal conspiracies finally revealed at last.

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