Alyssa Ros missing report, is she dead or found (Ripon CA news)

Ripon CA Missing Case Update: Alyssa Ros age, and family

We have seen many missing cases in our life, but the one we are about to disclose about is unique. A person named Alyssa Ros, she went missing from Spring Creek Golf Course. Now people are wondering what exactly has happened here. The family of the victim has been requesting everyone including the authorities to search for her. Till now there isn’t any positive news, but we expect that things will take a turn around soon and some news will open the story of Alyssa Ros missing situation.

Who is Alyssa Ros?

Alyssa Ros, along with her friend Xylona Gama went missing on 4th of April 2022. As per her family, she is a very clever girl, and never took a step back in contacting family once in a while. Her appearance is quiet intimidating. Alyssa is 5’ 3” tall and she weighs around 125 pounds. On the day, both the friends went to Spring Creek Golf Course in Ripon in a vehicle ending with registration number ‘024’. But it was a while that the family heard anything from both of them so they got worried and lodged a missing complaint.

What happened to Alyssa Ros?

It is been more than 48 hours now that Ripon CA girl is still missing. Police and authorities are doing their best searching for clues that could lead them to her. But apparently, there is no success yet. There are almost 612,846 missing reports lodged in the National Crime Information Centre records. Alyssa family is a lot worried as their little girl haven’t come home yet. As per sources, she is in her 20s, and has black hairs and brown eyes.

Alyssa Ros Missing Update

They have taken every measure to find Alyssa and her missing friend Xylona. We will post more information relating to the Ripon CA missing case. We will soon update you on all the information that we get from authorities. We hope that Alyssa is found soon. Either the situation is worsen or the authorities will get some clue soon. Till then, tag along to read more interesting news.

Police is doing the investigation in the case and trying to get the clues to track the Alyssa Ros. The parents are also worried and not in condition to share their statement with media and news. Hope we will soon have some positive update on the missing case of the Alyssa Ros.

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