Amanda Stapledon Casey Death Cause: Suicide or Accident? How Did She Die?

Amanda Stapledon was a well-known former mayor of the City of Casey, was discovered dead in a car on Tuesday afternoon (January 18, 2022).

Amanda Stapledon was being investigated by the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) in the forties with allegedly corrupt developer John Woodman at the time of her death.

IBAC held weeks of public hearings on the suspected corruption as part of Operation Sandon in late 2019 and early 2020. The conclusions of the IBAC were scheduled to be released early this year.

The state’s anti-corruption watchdog discovered Amanda Stapledon, a former mayor of the City of Casey, dead.
A 58-year-old Cranbourne North woman was discovered in a car, according to a brief written statement issued to The Age by Victoria Police. It happened around 12.30 p.m. on Tuesday on Stringybark Drive. The cause of Amanda Stapledon’s death has yet to be revealed and people are still looking forward to knowing. Amanda Stapledon’s death is being investigated as suspicious, according to the police, who are preparing a report for the Coroner.

Ms. Stapledon failed to properly register tens of thousands of dollars in political payments from Mr. Woodman over nearly five years as the Casey council evaluated planning matters that were expected to yield windfall profits for Mr. Woodman and his developer clients, according to IBAC.

Mr. Woodman donated $25,000 to Ms. Stapledon’s 2014 campaign for the state seat of Narre Warren North in Melbourne’s south-east, she told IBAC in March 2020. He also organized a fundraiser, purchased many fundraiser tickets, and gave a helicopter flight for auction.

Ms. Stapledon stated that she neglected to declare conflicts of interest during the council’s deliberations on a contentious property rezoning in Cranbourne West supported by Mr. Woodman in 2014.

Ms. Stapledon was also a member of a group of roughly ten council candidates backed by Mr. Woodman in the 2016 council election, as part of a $100,000 campaign managed by former mayor Sam Aziz.

“IBAC has been alerted about the death of a former Casey councilor,” an IBAC representative stated on Wednesday. We’re not going to say anything else on this topic.”

Well, this is true that the death is being investigated by the police. It is a matter of discussion on social media whether she died in accident and or it was suicide. The official statement will be released in press after the final investigation and report. The family also decided to remain silent on this topic until the investigation gets completed.

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