Amazon Delivery viral van video, driver delivers woman in truck

Do you think there is limit or measurement of weird things in this world? Was your amazon delivery late anytime? Maybe a user from TikTok has the reason behind it. A TikTok user with username @patrickhook01 has posted a video on Sunday, October 24th that took over people’s interest on making up meme without a pause.
PatrickHook01 from his balcony or upstairs window recorded a small clip of an amazon van. At beginning it all seemed simple and normal, but after sometime he zoomed in the video. A woman dressed in black exits the vehicle without any footwear. She is wearing a short dress and walks off leaving the van unnoticeably. People are now wondering what exactly happened here.

One of the biggest company in the world has brought up as a piece of troll. The van in the video belongs to Amazon Company and is clearly an Amazon Prime Delivery Van. The video or the short clip had crossed over 10.5 million views and counting. The only question that is rising in people’s mind is, what exactly is going on and why did that woman exit the van in such a posture and depiction. Looks like all the deliveries for the day were completed.

Even though we will not be able to get the answer for the question rose above, but surely people got some time trolling about it over and over. People and TikTok users who watched the video started to troll the incident and converted it into something intimate or sexually connected. As we mentioned above, there cannot be anyway to know what exactly happened, but people have their own perspective on the incident, right?

Some of the decent yet trolling comments were, “She’s got that Prime Plus membership”, “So this is why my packages are always late”, “A to Z including the D.” Looks like it is a huge defaming incident that Amazon could possibly face in its history. Eventually, the video has been removed, but not for long. Stay updated with us for some amazing news and incidents of Social media.

This is the first time unique incident happened where we see a woman stepping out of the Amazon’s delivery van. The netizens responded quickly on the video clip and now it is a internet sensation which is viral across western countries. Many looking for an official statement and explanation of it from Amazon staff and driver.

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