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Recently it was heard that Angela Kukowski, who is a former manager of Kim Kardashian has died. Her dead body was found inside the car’s trunk. She used to work at Boulevard Management company. His boyfriend has been arrested by the police. The case is being investigated by LA police. We will have all details regarding it soon. Till then let’s know about manager Angela Kukowski. In this article, we will find more about her and her death in detail.

Who is Angela Kukowski?

Angela Kukowski is also known by her nickname, Angie. She has been a business manager who was based in Los Angeles. She was working with Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. Unfortunately, she died today. She was a 55 years old lady before she died. It is heard that the cause of the death is homicide. The reports of a local newspaper suggest that the police department did found her dead inside the parked car’s trunk in Simi Valley. This unfortunate incident did create havoc in the surrounding.

Kim Kardashian Manager

Who is Angela “Angie” Kukowski? Details About this former manager of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj
Angela Kukowski has been a pretty known face and a businesswoman who had tied up with many known celebrities that included Kanye West, Offset, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

According to Variety the news outlet, Angela Kukawski was working the very famous company Boulevard Management in Woodland Hills that is famous for managing high-profile celebrities.
The death is also verified by the Ventura County Coroner.

It is confirmed that the body of this high profile businesswoman was transferred to a family member from Van Nuys on December 23.

Family and Children

This high profile businesswoman was also known as Angela Castro. She had 5 children. According to many of her colleagues, she was very much liked in the professional sphere.

It was heard from the friend of this beautiful lady that many people used to adore her in the professional space by her co-workers.

Many regarded this lady as a strong business person who used to work hard and speak straight on the face without getting intimidated.

Angela Kukowski Boyfriend

It is reported that the reason behind her death can be her rumored boyfriend Jason Barker. The reason and evidence are yet to be found till now, at least not revealed in the media, pretty frankly.

The net worth and occupation of Jason is not revealed in public.

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