Anthony Mackie Talks Turning into First Black Captain America

Sam Wilson eventually stepped into his role as Captain America, and Marvel comic book fans aren’t the only ones celebrating this historic moment in superhero history. During an interview with Trevor Noah for The daily show On April 29th, Anthony Mackie discussed the exciting and long-awaited milestone in Marvel history. “It [took] An amazing group of people from different perspectives and backgrounds to make it a realistic situation for the character and not something that was made up or fictional when it was put on screen, “Mackie said to Noah, paying tribute to it screenwriter Malcolm Spellman for helping craft Wilson’s character on screen.

“He really went down that road and fought for recognition of this tumultuous relationship between black men and America,” said Mackie. “As a black, you have an abusive relationship with America. So how can you fight, stand up, and risk your life for a country that has never given you love, support, appreciation, or trust?”

“I think this is a slip on the radar of what this next generation will look like, which I’m so excited about.”

Working with Spellman, Mackie said he was able to portray Wilson in a way that feels authentic to the black men’s experience in America that makes him – and the rest of the Marvel fandom – hungry to see more. “A lot of people are very excited about the idea of ​​the Falcon becoming Captain America and what that means, not just in the movie and comic book universes, but also in our real reality,” he said. “Because it gives a younger generation a different perspective and perspective on the world … I think this is a slip on the radar of what this next generation is going to be like, and that’s what I’m so excited about. “

While we eagerly await more details about Mackie’s role in Captain America 4Check out his full interview with Noah to find out more The falcon and the winter soldier and Mackie’s prep fitness routine.

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