Artist Turns Generic Collectible figurines into Extremely-Lifelike Sculptures of Anime Characters

A talented Japanese artist uses airbrush and classic paint brushes to turn generic plastic figurines of popular anime characters into custom works of art.

The mysterious artist who visits MA Man on social media specializes in taking commercially available characters from popular anime series from series like Dragon Ball or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, treating them individually and turning them into stunning works of art. Ma Man uses both airbrush and classic painting techniques to highlight the features of the figure, such as: B. their muscles or the folds of their clothes to make them look as cool and detailed as possible.

The characters MA Man starts out with aren’t bad at first, but compared to what they look like when he’s done with them, there’s really no comparison!

MA Man publishes her creations on Twitter and YouTube and until recently has also taken on commissioned work. However, this service may not be available at this time due to high demand.

We’ve seen artists repaint generic dolls into lifelike miniatures, but this is the first time anime characters have received the same treatment.


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