Artists Urge Biden Administration to Handle Racial Violence

Prior to the presidential inauguration on January 20, celebrities urged the Biden-Harris administration to address racial inequalities and police brutality during their first 100 days in office. On Monday, the Black Music Action Coalition and #breathewithme Revolution joined forces to raise awareness of the unjust police deaths of black and brown people and to urge the new administration to grapple with the history of racism in the US and suggest ways forward move forward.

Led by Alicia Keys, NowThis powerful video features artists Keke Palmer, TI, Khalid, and others, listing the unlawful ways blacks were killed in America and celebrating the lives lost. From sleeping in bed like Breonna Taylor to walking on the street like Elijah McClain, the stars underlined how the police officers’ lives had disproportionately influenced black and brown people.

To put an end to these racist attacks, the video urged Biden and Harris to form a Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Commission, first instituted by Rep. Barbara Lee after George Floyd’s death and global protests that followed in June. The special commission would focus on confronting the legacy of slavery in the country in order to inform and develop strategies to tackle racial injustices in the future. Watch the full poignant video above and join the call to form the commission on the #breathewithme Revolution website.

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