Ashley Footer Death in Car accident Kansas city (Obituary)

We are hearing some shocking news as the death of the young university student. A 19-year old University of Missouri student, Ashley Footer died in a deadly car-crash accident last week. She was seriously injured in an earlier accident and it is suspected that she may have come into contact with drugs or alcohol before her death when officers found bottles nearly everywhere they looked at the scene during their investigation. It is suspected that driver was drunk. The university confirmed the death of Ashley Footer in car accident. The investigation has been started in the case.

Who was Ashley Footer?

Ashley Footer is the young girl from the Kansas city. As per the reports, she died in a car accident in Boone County.

Drivers involved in this accident realize what happened at first because there aren’t any signals or signs warning about such actions on either highway not even ones saying “Left lane ends” which would have been appropriate considering how close together these two roads meet up.

The driver McCracking was arrested in this case bacause the suspected is said to be drunk while driving car. He may face alcohol consumption charges if found guilty.

Ashley Footer Death Cause

On Tuesday night, Oct. 26 at 9:20 p.m., 19-year old Ashley Footer was struck by the car driven by Duncan McCracking as she drove east near an intersection on Missouri Highways 163 and K where his reckless actions have now cost him everything – including his life if he doesn’t turn himself in soon enough for justice. Ashley Footer died, a student died in this accident who was only 19-years old. The number of students died in an accident have been increased rapidly in America in last two months.

Ashley Footer GoFundMe page

Footer, a senior at the University of Missouri who was injured in an assault and is now homeless with several injuries including her lower right leg has been able to raise over $30 thousand from donors on GoFundMe. Supporters can donate to help the family and please consider giving what you can if it would help footer recover faster! She graduated Park Hill High School where she had three other siblings: two older sisters as well as another twin sister that also attends Mizzou’s Columbia campus studying sociology. Anything will go helps these College Students but they need your help more than ever before it seems like our world has changed very much.

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