Babychar17 Ankha Video on Twitter leak gets users reaction


The “Ankha” video is the trend of the week as it contained the adult explicit content shared by users on Tiktok. The user who uploaded the video has been identified as the Babychar17. Who is this user who broke the social media from Animal Crossing video. The video has been watched by millions of users online.

Babychar17 is the user who first shared and uploaded it. The user faced the counterblast from the audience for sharing explicit content which is not appropriate. Now the user shared a new content on twitter titled with ” “Not trying to ruin another ‘trend’.

This user received a lot negative comments and anger from the general public on Twitter. No doubt that Ankha video was highly viral all around the globe.

Babychar17 Buss it Challenge

This user is a Twitter content creator. And created videos in his own style to set the trend. The Buss it Challenge from this creator was also a long trend on Tiktok. Now the Ankha video which has received millions of views worldwide and counting.

No footprints of the user on Tiktok. Babychar17 shares the adult and inappropriate content or clips on the twitter account.

Babychar17 twitter Leak

It has been claimed that user’s real identity behind the account leaked in public. Soon after the profile found on Twitter, the users reacted and posted negative comments. Many asked to stop such things as this can impact the minds of young kids.

The Babychar17’s real name is Charlotte Grey. She is a lady who runs the account on Twitter. Also there are Instagram accounts associated with her which is related to such content and clips.

Many Tiktok users accepted the previous challenge and tried to perform in the dress code. The challenge was not easy as it looked. It is hard to stay on the beats.

The Ankha Video Explained

The Ankha video gone viral last week and still in the trend. It is an Egyptian cat from the Animal Crossing. The animated cartoon dancing on music in video which shows explicit content.

Those who watched demanded strict action against it as such things are not appropriate for Tiktok and other social media platforms.

Babychar17 is trending on Twitter from last few days as users reacted negatively to the video and expressed their feelings.

Ankha and Buss it challenge are the two viral trends of the Tiktok platform which reached to millions of users.

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