Bella Fitz Tiktok argument with Max Balegde in public

The latest argument between the close friend Max Balegde and Bella Fitz is grabbing fan’s attention on the social media. Who is Bella Fitz? Bella is a Tiktok personality from United Kingdom who is a transgender and know by name Nosebleedfitz on social accounts. She has huge fan following on Tiktok because makes videos on styling lifestyle like cosmetics, designs and beauty tips. She is an Instagram influencer with lots of followers and fans. The name Nosebleedfitz is very popular in the teenage generation. The influencer also makes videos on recording and acting.

Who is Bella Fitz?

Bella Fitz is an Instagram influencer and Tiktok celebrity. She was born on October first, 2001. Her age is 20 years. Bella is transgender artist from UK. She is one of the iconic personality from the LGBTIQ people group. She undergone surgery for which the funds were raised from the GoFundMe page. The $20K amount was collected within few days on the platform.

She accepted the reality of the society and showed the true identity and character to the fans and public. She also motivated a lot of people from the LGBTIQ people group through her achievements on the social media.

Bella Fitz and Max Balegde

Bella and Max were close friends but recently engaged in the public argument on the social media. They are arguing over the name of the merchandise and some kind of business promotion to the merchandise. The fans seemed divided on the Twitter and Tiktok after this argument. Bella and Max both are the top content creators from UK. Hence, netizens got no chill after both engaged in the new merchandise Tiktok drama.

Max put a video on the web to explain his side to the fans in this matter. Bella also responded to it on the Twitter account. It is an ongoing drama this time in the community.

Social media followers

Bella is being followed by thousands of followers and fans on the Instagram. Her account is not verified yet. Max Balegde is also famous with almost same number of fans on Tiktok and Insta. Bella and Max were close friends and worked together in few videos and clips.

They used to earn the money from the merchandise and brand promotions. The argument between them started over merch name and promotion. The exact net worth and income report is not revealed. Both makes high income from sponsors, products and promotions.

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