Benedict Blythe Death Cause, Obituary (Helen Blythe son died)

Losing your child at an early age is devastating right? It hurts to resound any such situation to even imagine for a moment of time. Helen Blythe, a very sweet woman, recently posted a picture of her son Benedict Blythe, along with a caption explaining that he is no more. This saddening news strike the internet and a lot of people shared their condolences of people who knew her. Even people who didn’t know about this, felt sad, because the story itself breaks heart.

Helen Blythe is a financial sector person, she gives suggestions to company to grow their business and develop a great criteria over time. She helps businesses such as start-up reach new heights. With a loving heart, she finally gave up a signal to all the people that she had a happy son, but he isn’t with us anymore.

Who was Benedict Blythe?

Benedict Blythe was the 5 year old child of Helen Blythe. He use to suffer with a lot of allergy at any early age. But on 1st of December, the little soul couldn’t take it anymore and passed away. As per the reports, the reason of his death was allergies. He use to over go through various treatments, but looks like god had other plans.

After his passing away, Helen Blythe, his mother, posted a very sad tweet. She wrote about his demise and mentioned ‘he existed’. Just to show people that, he will long live in their hearts. This is the team to stay strong and requires a lot of courage to overcome the trauma of the little soul passing away.

We have very minor details about Benedict’s father, but his mother was a charm. The very next day of tweet, Helen stated that, she has been reading the condolences messages of people and she is really touched. She even mentioned that, if someone wants to donate for charity to the places that Benedict loved to visit, then they are welcome. The boy had a great smile, and loved trains. The image shared by his mother touched hearts of thousands.

Helen Blythe son

Helen Blythe, his mother’s tweet about her son’s death was very emotional. She mentioned that he will live on in everyone’s hearts and shows the courage it takes to overcome trauma by posting this statement just days after losing someone close. A gofundme page also made to collect fund for family to support.

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