Bernie Tiktok leaked video viral on Twitter and reddit

Tiktok Bernie video got leaked on the social media platforms

We have seen several videos of celebrities and people getting leaked all over internet from time to time. The action taken against this is almost null, as the internet is some place open for everybody. The issue is after a video is leaked, it is shared in such an amount that it gets spread all over internet within days and weeks. One such video of a Nigerian TikTok star named Bernie got leaked on internet. It is currently a hot topic to discuss about as many people are interested in gossiping the content against it.

Who is Bernie on Tiktok?

Bernie is a TikTok star, and he has catered thousands of followers in the past 1 year. The struggle for him was real, his content was genuine, and that’s what caught him in the trending streak. People around the world have shared his videos on internet. We have seen him trending on TikTok platform a lot of times. But this time, things aren’t same. One of his video got leaked all around the internet, and he didn’t want this to happen. What exactly is this video about and how did it get leaked? Continue reading the article till the very end to know more.

Bernie video on Twitter

Bernie may have shared his s$$ video or clip to a friend on snapchat. Unfortunately, it got leaked all around internet and now people are sharing it on TikTok, Twitter and all social media platforms. It isn’t known yet that who have done this act, but surely it has caused a lot of problems to the TikTok star. Bernie have closed all the comment sections on his social media platform so that people do not comment or discuss about the leaked video anymore. As the video is of adult content, many fans are cautioning on watching it. There are discussions and different stories on social media over this issue.

We are yet to hear some comment relating to this situation from Bernie. Hopefully he will respond to the situation with a strong message now or then. Continue to follow us for more updates on this Bernie TikTok leaked video on social media platform.

The Tiktok star requested the fans to ignore the video and do not share it to others as the videos is spreading like fire among the fans on Twitter and Tiktok.

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