Bhojpuri Actress Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video Leaked Online Facts

The latest controversy is related to the Bhojpuri actress whose video gone viral in the public and social media. The Bhojpuri actress name is Trisha Kar Madhu. Who is she? Why is she in the news after her video is viral. Recently her video song also released in which she looked very hot and attractive. What is the real truth of the video? This is true that few videos are leaked online. The actress issued the official statement and requested fans to not forward this video. Trisha is known for working in the Bhojpuri industry. Check the real facts and details of viral full video .

Who is Trisha Kar Madhu?

Trisha Kar Madhu is a Bhojpuri actress who worked into the songs and movies. She enjoys huge fans following on the Instagram. Lakhs of the fans support and follow her. Fans are disheartened after the news of the leak videos. Trisha also worked with the famous Bhojpuri stars. Her new movie is about to release soon on the screens. It is also being said that her viral video is only release for the purpose to humiliate her. It is still unknows how these clips surfaced on the social media and who shared it?

Trisha Kar Madhu’s Career

Trisha is an actor who was born in West Bengal in 1994. She qualified from Ashutosh College, Calcutta. She started her acting career from the Bengali film industry as a model and later started working into the Bhojpuri film industry. She performed into the songs ‘Laika Tohre Ke Papa Kahta’ and ‘Raja Tani Jai Na Bhaariya’.

Apart from the movies, she also appeared on the Bhojpuri television shows (Hum hain Hindustani series). Also she played the lead roles in many of the popular item songs. Because of her professional career, she live in Bihar.

Trisha Kar Madhu full viral video leaked

The Trisha Kar Madhu video leaked today on the social media. In no time, it became viral in the public. Later, the actress apologized with fans for the video. She also claimed that this video has been released to defame her. She requested fans to not forward and share the clips. She took Twitter for the apology to the fans. Many people supported the privacy of any individual.

This is wrong to share anyone’s private clips and photos. The investigation has been started in this matter and the video has been already removed from the social media.


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