Biden Accuses Trump of Phony Populism at NATO Summit

BRUSSELS – President Biden beat up former President Donald J. Trump’s “false populism” on Monday and used the global platform of his first NATO summit to criticize his predecessor. However, he was optimistic that the Republican Party is starting to reject the political dominance that Mr Trump has exercised over the past four years.

“I think this will pass,” Biden told reporters after being asked about the reaction of foreign leaders to the Republican embrace of Mr Trump’s election fraud. “I don’t mean to pass easily. That is why it is so important that I am successful with my agenda. “

Mr Biden’s willingness to call his predecessor directly is a departure from his usual tendency to ignore Mr Trump. And it came during Mr Biden’s first overseas trip, just two days before he will meet one of Mr Trump’s biggest boosters, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin.

In his remarks, Mr. Biden also targeted Republican senators who he said “know better” to oppose an insurrection investigation by the 6th major antagonist.

However, he said he did not feel the need to speak to foreign leaders about Mr. Trump’s influence on the Republican Party in the United States, as he did not believe the former president’s influence will affect his ability to stand by his global commitments .

“The Republican Party has fallen sharply in numbers,” said Biden. “The leadership of the Republican Party is broken and the Trump wing of the party is most of the party, but it constitutes a significant minority of the American people.” American officials in the past have typically made it a point to leave domestic politics behind when traveling abroad after. But the outdated adage that politics stop at the water’s edge has been dashed by Mr Trump, who often used overseas trips to rail against his political enemies at home. Mr Biden’s remarks about the opposing party were tame by comparison, but still marked an unusual violation of norms by a president seeking to restore them at home and abroad.

Mr Biden’s optimism about the future of the Republican Party is not shared by many in his party who have publicly voiced concerns that Republicans are increasingly fascinated by Mr Trump and are unwilling to give and take. participate in Washington ruled.

And officials across Europe have said they are still prepared for a return of Trumpism if Republicans take over Congress in 2022, or if someone like Mr Trump – or Mr Trump himself – wins the White House again in 2024 with heads of state and government on the go the world is nervous about America’s long-term commitments.

Mr Biden said he wasn’t worried about that.

“I don’t make promises to anyone that I don’t believe there is an overwhelming probability that they will be kept,” he insisted.

He also said the Republican Party seemed to be changing.

“I think you will see that, God willing, we will make progress,” he said. “And there will be an association of many Republicans, especially the younger Republicans who are rising up in the party.”