Big Chubby Tiktok Death Cause: How did he died?

Big Chubby is a famous TikTok creator, he creates content that is family-friendly and he always shares the positivity from his videos. Right now the Big Chubby account has 460,000 followers in Tiktok. The tragic news is that he passed away on Friday, November 26. At the very young age of 36 he passed away, his fans are in deep sorrow as all his fans miss him and his videos with family-friendly oriented content.

Big Chubby’s actual name is Wayne Stephen Duplock, before he started his career in TikTok by posting videos, he was active on Facebook by posting his photos and some random memes. To build more rapo and communication between him and his fans he used to post random shout-outs to his fans and members of the community.

Recently he shared an inspirational video that went viral with a featuring video of Cristiano Ronaldo, a professional soccer player. Before his death, he posted some of his videos and photos in the hospital during treatment. Most of his fans posted his memories as a tribute to him and now all over the world, he is recognized as the fun-loving personality in social media.

Wayne Duplock will be remembered forever for sharing all-time positivity videos with great fun-oriented content. Wayne Duplock was born on February 14, 1983, in Leicester, London. Wayne was married and he has 2 daughters they both are teenagers, his wife’s name is Paula.

In this pandemic lockdown, he became popular and social media kicked off his career in Tiktok with a good income.

Frequently he posts photos of his family and he owns 20.9k followers on Instagram and in total 16.4 million views are earned by him.

Wayne Duplock’s parents sadly announced his death news of him. His mother shared about the struggles Wayne faced during the treatment for his disease. Though he is very popular on social media he wanted to take more steps ahead to become more popular among other social platforms. But, now he passed away, and let’s say that may his soul rest in peace.

The Big Chubby’s death news shocked his fans UK and USA. He was the known personality who shared pictures with his daughter. The tiktok and internet star entertained everyone from his clips and videos. The Tiktok star was very popular in UK audience. He will be always missed for his content and behavior.

A fund page was also raised to support his family and kids.

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