Bigbang Seungri Jailed, Instagram and Scandal

Korean singer Seungri is in the top news headlines. Seungri is the very popular and well settled personality of South Korea. He is better known for one of the member of Big Bang. But he sentence for jail today. The news is very much heartbreaking and shocking for South Koreans. Let us find out what is the exact reason? What is the crime of Seungri? So, read the full article.

Seungri real name is Lee Seung- hyun. On 12th of August 2021 that means today, Military court announce jail for the singer for three years on multiple charges. The accusation are arranging prostitution and gambling. He is mentioned as “sex bribery” by the prosecutors. Prosecutors also asked for the judge to sentence him jail for 5 years and 20 million fines as well. After this accusation by prosecutors, Seungri left the Big Bang, since last 2 years. Even one more allegation on him was he offered sex services for saving funds for his restaurant business. The investors were from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. He did this service for 1 year that is from 2015 to 2016. You might be thinking why military court is involved in this case? This is because the singer was earlier the part of military and serving the nation. The Judge Hwang Min-Je said that the singer was not able of financial payments paid to the women for wrong thing.

The other accusation on Seungiri is gambling. Sources are reporting that he runs an adult entertainment venue without the license and permission. He did betting on luxurious casinos in Las Vegas from 2013 to 2017. All these illegal works put Seungiri life in danger today. He has lost his career too.

He is currently 30 years old singer. Bing bang gets name and fame in 2006. He was taken into custody ruling by an army court in Yongin, near Seoul.

It is also reported that Seungri was a member of mobile chat room where Jung Joon Young who was a K-pop singer- song writer, serving a five year sentence for gang rape and other accusation.

The Seungri net worth is expected around in the dollars millions. He earned from concerts, live shows and paid product sponsor promotions. Right now he is facing some serious allegations at the age of 30 years. This is a big news because Seungri is one of the top personalities of South Korea. He is booked under different sexual allegations and charges by the police.

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