Blogger Valery Kuleshov killed in Kherson, Ukraine

Valery Kuleshov died in Ukraine, how he killed? know his death cause

Many people in the Russian Ukraine war have lost their lives. Do we really deserve to live in such a world of hate and killing? We aren’t aware of the number of killings that are taking place right now, but today, one of the person who played a significant role in the war, Valery Kuleshov died. People are sharing their deep condolences with the family of Valery. It was really an unexpected news, if you want to know more about Valery, then follow us till the very end.

Who was Valery Kuleshov?

As per the sources, there isn’t much information that we have on Valery Kuleshov. But we do know that, in the initial stage of the Russian Ukraine war, we saw him reporting live feeds and videos directly from the battle ground. Even after Russia had conquered Ukraine, he coordinated with the authorities to keep going on this path of war updates and feeds. But on 20th April 2022, we got a news from Nikita Tyutyunnik, the commander of the local National Corps, who confirmed the death of Valery Kuleshov.

Valery Kuleshov’s blogging career

The news was later confirmed by Valery’s friends that he is no more. As per sources, he was about to reach his home and as he reached he was shot dead. The photos and some videos by youtubers were shared. We can clearly see the bullets hit his car. Unfortunately he died and couldn’t survive the attack. He was just a blogger, doing his work for awareness, updates and a living that fetched him his daily bread. People who may hate him doing it have taken the action, yet the accused is still to be caught.

Valery Kuleshov Death

Back on March 20, his assistant Pavel Slobodchikov was shot dead and today Valery Kuleshov isn’t anymore among us. He isn’t available on Instagram and other social media. You can find his own blog and some videos on YouTube. Stay tuned with us to know about the death of Valery Kuleshov. We will update you as we get any information. Till then stay updated by reading more articles. We share our deepest condolences with family of Valery. We hope that the accused is found soon and shall be punished.

The world reacted to the story and posted their reaction on the social media. More updates coming soon on his death.

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