Boda Boda Forest road video Nairobi incident 16 Arrested

16 People arrested in the shameful incident of Boda Boda Forest road 

The lady in the video shared on Sikika RoadSafety Facebook page can be heard crying for help after she was accosted by rowdy riders who threatened to destroy her vehicle. The video was first surfaced on the Facebook and later it was shared by the thousands of the users. This video is related to the minor incident at the Boda Boda rider. Those who watched the video requested the police or authority to take strict action against the culprits.

Boda Boda Forest road Incident

The Boda Boda riders, as they are known in Kenya (a reference to their tendency attack and then retreat) have been getting more aggressive with drivers. In fact it’s not uncommon for these attacks on roadways where you can be sure there will always be someone who knows how badly YOU Want To Get Away From Them. These are the common incidents in the Kenya and it should be now stopped. Everyone is against such harassment incidents by the Boda Boda riders.

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai confirmed these arrests, adding that investigations to bring more suspects in custody would continue until they achieved their goal or all involved parties had been accounted for fully.

16 Arrested who involved in incident

The Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya has taken responsibility for violence committed against one its members, blaming it on those who inflicted injuries to the victim’s head and body. Chief Justice Martha Koome also condemned these actions saying they should be apprehended by law enforcement officials so that criminal proceedings may commence against them at trials fair enough according their charges.

When the video of the incident shared on the social media, people called it shocking and shameful incident on the road. In the police investigation, police arrested total 16 people who involved in this incident. The video of the incident is highly viral among the users on Twitter and YouTube.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang posted the official statement on Twitter and urged security agents to arrest those responsible. “We must protect our roads from such vile acts of aggression,” he said, noting that an investigation into this dastardly crime is ongoing while stressing all suspects will be swiftly brought before justice if evidence points towards them as well-being guilty.

Police is in action and will soon capture all those who are responsible for this incident.

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