Bombay High Court Put to End Ayesha Shroff-Sahil Khan Case

Recently the case of Sahil khan and Ayesha Shroff is in headlines. The news has been circulating that the Bombay High Court suppress the case which was filed against the actor Sahil khan. The lawyer of Sahil khan and Ayesha Shroff told the court that they both had solved the dispute between them. The problem solved the court room so the case has been closed by the judiciary.

Sahil khan and Ayesha Shroff both are the famous personalities of Bollywood. The case was pending into the court from a very long time. The fans are happy that dispute has been resolved.

Although Sahil Khan is not a part of Bollywood now, but at one time he was a very good actor. He is very well known for the films Xcuse Me, style and Aladdin. Along with film actor he is an entrepreneur, fitness freakier and You Tuber. On the other hand Ayesha Shroff is the wife of evergreen actor Jackie Shroff and mother of Tiger Shroff. What is the exact matter between the two?

On 2015, Sahil khan was being accused for cheating and criminal intimidations by Ayesha Shroff. She lodged two FIRS’ against the actor. But on Wednesday, the Judges of BHC dismissed the FIR filed by Banda Police. The case was under Judges SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar. Ayesha Shroff also decide to not continue the claim of 4 crore on the actor. She has dismissed all her allegations on the actor Sahil Khan. After hearing all the matters from two parties, it has been seen as a business dispute. However, Sahil khan has to pay 1 lakh rupees. The money will be sent to the Maharashtra Child welfare Committee for the welfare of children under the care of state.

While with a chat with E times, Ayesha Shroff admitted that it was an out of court settlement. She further added that she had withdrawn the case 5 years ago, but it came to limelight today because quashing happened today. The procedure after the withdrawal takes time, that’s why it is happening today. Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two parties. It seen that both the families tie up their relationships.

Sahil Khan took distance from the movies and Bollywood industry but achieved new heights in the fitness world. He runs his own fitness chain and gyms in different cities of India. His total worth is in crore rupees from movies and business.

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