Brittany Macon Dead in Subway mayo shooting Atlanta

Who was Brittany Macon? Dead in the subway mayo shooting Atlanta, Georgia

Gun fire and arguments is always a very dangerous thing in the United States of America. You never know what happens and suddenly you see the person involved dead. These things are now being way too common in this great country, United States of America. You never know the bad luck happening due to these gun shots. So, well speaking of all of these you can just understand the patterns sometime, first you come with an argument, then the gun shot starts and then you see some people injured, in this case two women were injured. This happened in a weekend, that is Sunday evening, and that happened in a location inside Atlanta sub shop, which is said to be the downtown of Atlanta.

So, the identification process started by the law enforcement agencies, and one woman was identified as Brittany Macon and she was later declared as already dead. She was just 26 years old as of now. This case has been a really shocking incident as described by the coworkers present there in the downtown area. This was a fight between this lady and a customer that became heated argument and as a result gun shots started to make sound easily.

The other woman was just 24 years old and her 5 year old son was beside her who saw his mother facing the gun shot. This woman is surviving as of now but is in a very critical situation and not a single person including doctor knows if she can stay alive or not. This is a very terrible tragedy and this could have been easily avoided with some maturity inside the head of both of these people involved in this highly terrible stuff. We just hope that the police is able to solve this case soon.

The family devastated from the news. They are demanding strict action against the culprits. Also the police made few arrests in the case based on the investigation report. It is not yet clear who is responsible for the shooting at the Subway.

For the eye witnesses it was an horrifying incident which took place on the site. The CCTV footages are being investigated to gather all the evidences in this case. Also few users suggest to make a gofundme page to raise the funds for the victim’s family. We will have more updates on this case soon on AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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