BTS V Dating Rumors of business tycoon daughter are false

V is a South Korean singer, he got fame from the BTS band. V name is popular because of his stage shows, his actual name is “Kim Tae-Hyung” he is the lead vocalist in the South Korean BTS group. V name is selected by him and he proudly says that V for victory.

He was also a songwriter, actor, and singer. The latest update is that he was receiving dating news with South Korea’s Paradise group president daughter. Keeping aside that it was a rumor or not, this news is started when he was spotted with her after attending the event VVIP which is an opening for “Korea International Art Fair 2021”

Worldwide he was the loved singer by many people and when this news had started, silence is broken from V and responded to the news as rumors, he also expressed his anger and indirectly addressed that the dating news was a complete rumor by some rubbish people. He addressed his confession through the fan community platform.

Recently V and his BTS band had released their hit song named “Permission to Dance in July” which is followed by the butter, this song was released through Mega Thee Stallion. Later, another song was released named “My Universe with Coldplay” this was the biggest song in 2021.
In the middle of this band’s constant success, rumors had shattered the V confidence level which is a dating rumor.

But, keeping aside the rumor, V’s fans are speculating him about the dating, and these rumors are flooding all over the internet and social media that V is dating someone new.
The main reason for this rumor to start is, V was spotted wearing the bracelet that is launched by the president daughter, and rumors are filled within.

HYBE had released some statements by shutting all the news regarding the speculation by V’s fans on dating rumors for all. V also stated that we are just acquaintances (friends) by squashing all the rumors. Before also, V hasn’t dated anyone publicly but he often subjects the speculation if dating.

V had expressed all anger as “I will shoot the poisoned needle at the back of necks in my dreams, so watch back of your necks” later he announced that he wants to sing ‘UGH’ as it represents the anger for injustice and evil.
When rumors got surfaced, all fans believed that V is not dating a businessman’s daughter and he is single right now!

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