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The Truth About Keith Leak Jr’s Girlfriend Carlie Craig 

As much as the rumors are spreading throughout different places of social media, the details of Keith Leak Jr’s girlfriend are really difficult to get confirmed as of now. The only clue that the media has got is Carlie Craig.

The association with this star for nothing but music has added fuel to the fire of now. Keith is a star actor from the USA. He is famous for his regular role in Smosh. Way back in 2015, it was clearly confirmed by Smosh that Keith, Noah Grossman, and Olivia Sui would be the regular cast member of Smosh.

Is it Carlie Craig, who might be the GF of Keith Leak Jr? Although there is no confirmation regarding both the start committing to each other and being in a relationship but the rumor has spread like wildfire.

Who is Carlie Craig?

Carlie Craig is a multi-talented celebrity who is a very known, musical comedian, signer, and an able actress. She is also very famous for the reboot of the classic sketch show MADtv that was aired on the CW. It was also very famous for being nominated for Emmy awards.

Carlie has craved her own niche audience who follow her for pop culture all over the social media platforms with Tiktok being the primary one.

Carlie Craig career

In the initial days, Craig got her share of fame in her career thanks to the USA’s comedy competition where she had entered as a participant. Her successful stint there had helped her to propel her career in a direction of exponential growth in her career. Although she is not as popular as Keith but still she earns well and can be comparable to her rumored partner.

Carlie has already racked up way too many views across the social media platforms and to be precise it has crossed 15 million views.

Keith Leak Jr girlfriend

Carlie Craig is the girlfriend of the Keith Leak Jr. Craig is a successful stand-up comedian who has been able to parlay her career into one of exponential growth thanks in part from entering the USA’s comedy competition.

Carlie Craig is an actress, singer and comedian. She was born in California but raised all over the world due to her father’s job with military bases across Europe and Asia. Her acting credits also extend into film where she played roles such as Mitzi Germany.

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