Cedric Mcmillan is dead, bodybuilder wife, age and death cause

Bodybuilder Cedric Mcmillan died, fans react emotionally on the death news

People often miss the opportunity of having their dreams come true. One such person who couldn’t reach his end life achievements was none other than Cedric Mcmillan. We got news just now that, Cedric is no more with us. This situation came into light when the Arnold classic people gave the announcement about the great bodybuilder withdrawing his name from the competition.

Cedric Mcmillan was facing some health issues relating to his stomach. He couldn’t bare the issue and he announced his retirement to the bodybuilding world. He first withdrew from 2020 Olympia and then the 2021 Arnold classic. He even went through COVID 19 in March 2021.

Cedric Mcmillan Wife

Cedric Mcmillan was married personality and his wife name is Eva Matulessy-McMillan. The couple has 4 children. Cedric’s official Instagram profile has over 531K followers. He was one of the popular bodybuilder who achieved many titles and awards in the professional career. He also offered trainings, guidance, photoshoots and fitness mantra to many young bodybuilders in the community.

Cedric Mcmillan Death Cause

As per a report, he drank a muscle-building shake to put his calories into control. Two weeks after it, Cedric went to the management to withdraw his name from the competition. When he went to visit a specialist, the doctor diagnosed a severe ulcer which gave him severe pain. But the ulcer medication gave him relief and hope for longer life, maybe a comfortable one. Things weren’t planned the same.

But as per many sources that Cedric Mcmillan is no more. It is just false news. He is alive and currently going through medication for his stomach issue. Reportedly he can take one full meal right now. Before doctors recommended, he stay on a liquid diet. But he is happy to have a proper meal after a long time.

In one of the videos that were released recently, he said, “Since I tried to go to the Legion show in Nevada in October. I have some stomach issues,” McMillan said in the video. “For some reason, I can’t put food down. I burp all day and in the middle of the night, every time I eat or even drink water. It’s here again. I don’t want to be left behind.”

Let’s hope that the legend comes back to the industry sounding healthy. We can hope for him to join as a trainer to young comers. Stay tuned with us for more information relating to Cedric McMillan. We are here to keep you updated.

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