CEO Bobby Memphis Arrested in Young Dolph case (Instagram)


Few days ago, we wrote about the murder of Young Dolph who was shot by two persons in the very afternoon on 17th of November. He went out to buy some cookies with her daughter. Now the news has been viral that who kills Young Dolph. Name of a rapper CEO Bobby has been rising in the killing of the Dolph. He is a rapper by profession and huge fan following. The rumors has been spreading out that he is the suspected killer in Dolph murder case. So, let just find out is this rumor is true or this is the conspiracy. The police investigating the case from last few days and arrested few guys in murder case. Who is Ceo Bobby?

The Memphis police published the photographs of the two suspect killers who exited out from the white two-door Mercedes Benz. The rumors has been spreading out that CEO Bobby has been arrested by Memphis police on Instagram live. But police has not confirmed it yet that either he is the killer or not. But all over the social media like You Tube and Other websites it is been showing that he is involved in the murder of the Young Dolph.

He is being search all over the website that who is he actually. So for the knowledge, we should tell you that he is the new and emerging rapper in this industry. His album is yet not been broadcast in the market. He is going to be debuted soon with famous rappers. But as soon as his name is being involved in the case, the new rapper is getting negative publicity and popularity all over the country. But we must tell you that it is only the rumor that CEO Bobby has shot and killed Dolph. It is the conspiracy against the emerging rapper. He himself goes live on the social media and confirmed to the people that it is just a rumor spreading against him.

The fans are comparing the Dolph murder case to Adolph Thornton Jr. murder case. So they are suspecting others rapper might be involved in Dolph murder case too. But police is still investigating about the case and no one is being arrested so far for the murder Of Dolph.

The authority and police team are doing their job. They had not yet revealed anything of this case in public media. The suspected names will be in custody soon.

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