Chase Sikorski, Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey boyfriend and Instagram

Anna Delvey who was born in Russia and raised in Germany was caught four times for theft of services and three times of grand larceny as well as is one account it of grand larceny which was just attempted in May 2019.

She scammed around 275,000 dollars form tje banks and hotels and in February 2021 Anna delvey was freed from the prison and now she is back with news that maybe she has a boyfriend.

The Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Boyfriend

Anna Delvey was held in the rikers island jail for 2 years before releasing and she was sentenced for 4 to 12 years in prison and she was later shifted to the albion correctional facility in New York.

the Netflix project was released in February 2021 and after that Anna Delvey posted a tweet quoted “Looking for a boyfriend” and after the tweet was release, she was posting and sharing her business and other activities updates on Instagram but the real question is does Anna Delvey really have a boyfriend?

She was giving the updates for her upcoming set of vlogs titled “Anna Delvey TV” because she is thinking to work with her new fame to earn some money legal way. Also, sheet told that she was thinking to release a memoir in February 2021.

Hunter Lee Soik is the inspiration for Chase Sikorski’s character in ‘Inventing Anna’

Delvey’s most recent creative endeavours are well-documented, but details about her personal life is more difficult to come across. Since she appeared to be on the lookout for love but it’s unclear whether if she is now seeing someone.

Inventing Anna on Netflix

Fans of Inventing Anna will recognize that phrase as being uncannily close to what Chase’s role discusses in the series. Delvey has also mentioned Hunter on her Instagram But still, Anna Delvey has yet to clarify whether if Hunter is the ex-boyfriend of her.

Inventing Anna is now streaming on Netflix.

Chase Sikorski role in drama

‘Saamer Usmani’ plays ‘Chase Sikorski’ in Inventing Anna who is a character based on Anna Delvey’s ex-boyfriends and maybe he is the the unknown man was most possibly dated Delvey in the 2010s as an app creator. Now, after watching the drama series on the Netflix, viewers are looking to know truth and real life boyfriend who is shown in the movie. The drama is based on the real story and it is inspired from the true incidents and facts of case.

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