Checo Perez video of Monaco Prix Party viral on Twitter

Checo Perez Monaco video viral on reddit and Twitter, know what happened?

Well who does not love racing? Then next question is who does not know Checo Perez? He is an excellent F1 racer and many people know him by his name Sergio Perez. He is a top quality F1 racer and every single person who know him, know what kind of underrated talented this F1 racer is actually. If you do not know the full name of Checo Perez, then you must know that his full name is Sergio Perez Mendoza. He is a Mexican by birth and by adrenaline rush he is a proper racing driver. As of now he is part of the Red Bull Racing team in Formula One racing.

If you do not know about him, then you must know he had represented McLaren, Sauber, Force India and Racing Point before joining 12 months before this exciting Red Bull Racing team. When he joined in 2021 he joined because of the exciting project and vision of this Formula One racing team that has got a huge history behind it part of it thanks to Sebestian Vettel, but that is another story altogether and let us focus on the story of this night that can be said a good gossip about a celebrity.

After winning the grandprix in Monaco he was seen partying with a hot lady and the picture confirms that she is not his partner. Unfortunately it has given some heat to the rumors that this guy is actually cheating his partner and now can put his marriage in jeopardy for some absolute reasons. He might be getting in to deep trouble as of now because of that video of partying with the hot lady. What could have been a celebrating night might now turn out to be a nightmare for this Formula One racer now.

It is always a shame when people cheat on their partners and it looks like this guy may have been caught red handed. His actions could put his personal life in trouble. The fans are already debating over this incident on the social media. Perez may release an official apology for fans.

The Checo Perez drunk video is highly viral on the social media reddit and Twitter. The clip was taken from the party and shared to the public users. With the release of video, many rumors are also started spreading regarding Checo Perez wife.

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