Chester County police entrap wild bear utilizing Dunkin’ Donuts

The Pennsylvania Game Commission lured a bear into a trap Monday morning with donuts from local Dunkin ‘Donuts.

The 5-foot, 250-pound animal had been off a “destructive trail” in Valley Township near Coatesville for about a week, according to community police. There were reports of broken birdhouses as the bear traveled around the area.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission attempted to catch the bear and relocate the animal to a more northerly, more remote area of ​​the state.

“Please do not pet, feed, poke or try to catch the bear,” Valley Township police wrote in a Facebook post last week that included a picture of the bear walking through a neighborhood. “It’s just trying to get home, so please don’t.”

Wildlife officials then sOn Thursday, set up a delicious trap and put donuts in a cage.

Officials did not disclose the taste of the donuts used to catch the bear. B.ut Police Chief Brian Newhall said McClatchy News that wildlife officials bought whatever was left at the end of business.

“As cops, we stay away from the powders because they wreak havoc,” Newhall said.

The bear was trapped at around 9.45 p.m. on Monday, police said. It was finally released in the north in a safe environment.

“The bear was not injured and no people were injured, but the donuts didn’t make it,” the police posted on Facebook.

Only the black bear species occurs in Pennsylvania. As of 2015 there was approximately 20,000 live in the state.

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