Choi Young Ah: Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend name emerges

As we know the latest scandal of the Kim Seon Ho. The name of his ex-girlfriend has now emerged on social media. His ex-girlfriend name is Choi Young-ah. Who is she? She is now in public attention. Choi Young-ah is a weather braodcaster who worked for the YTN weather and KBS. The beautiful Tv presenter started her job in 2010.

Her name in controversy is one of hot topics on South Korea social meida. The Hometown actor is accused of telling lies to the media. Look Choi Young-ah profession, life and bio here.

Who is Choi Young Ah?

Choi Young Ah is beautiful broadcaster and ex-girlfriend of the Kim Seon Ho. She is 37-years old in 2021. She was born in December 1985 in South Korea. Choi worked as broadcaster for the YTN weather and later joined the KBS. Her current job is not known.

Choi Young-ah, a Tv presenter and model from Korea was known for her elegant beauty on the television appearance. With a height of 1.70 meters she captivated many viewers with her physical appearance that included long eyelashes while wearing expensive costumes immediately following each episode. Was she in relationship with actor?

Kim Seon-ho ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah

Kim Seon-ho is a rising actor who caught in scandal of forcing ex-girlfriend to get an abortion.

He was into into headlines for his lies and publicity in social media.

Recently he admitted that while being pregnant with another woman’s child from their previous relationship . This revelation caused many people in South Korea as well as overseas including other countries spotlight. On user wrote “Wow! That is so messed up!” The comment went viral and netizens now figured out name of the Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend.

Kim Seon Ho already apologized for his faults and mistakes. Netizens are looking for a statement from his ex-girlfriend.

Is Choi Young Ah married?

According to reports, Choi Yough Ah was married to a businessman. But they took divorce after 17 days. Th reason behind the divorce is unknown. She never opened up of her ex-husband in public. Also she set her Instagram account to private.

Whe she is doing now?

She already quitted her job in October month. She also refused to comment anything on this controversy and discussion. Choi used to be very active on Facebook, twitter and Insta platforms. She is not interested to answer anyone in this matter.

She is educated from Catholic University of Korea, Seoul (CUK).

Because of this controversy, Kim Seon Ho has been removed from the upcoming movie. The South Korean actor facing setback on his professional acting career.

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