Cityline Sandra Pittana Obituary and Death from illness

Who is Sandra Pittana? How she died from illness? Check cause of death 

Recently we heard the death news of the famous personality of CITY- TV. Yes, we are talking about the Sandra Pittana who rule the City Tv for around 3 decades. Her recent death news shocks many people today. Let see how the lady died and what was her journey?

Who is Sandra Pittana?

67 years old Sandra was born on 28th of September 1954. Her real name was Sandra Annie Pittana. She used to live in London. Sandra spent her whole life either in London or in Paris. Sandra was very talented and robust woman. She hosted Cityline as a guest anchor nearly around 3 decades. Her personality and abilities were well known in front of the world.
Apart from this she was golf lover too. She even got highlighted when she hit three holes in one month in her another home in Arizona. Her home away from home was situated was Desert Mountain club in Scottsdale.

How the lady died?

Soon after her death news, people are searching most wanting answer how Sandra Died. Sandra was died on 14th April 2022. She was died peacefully in front of her family. Although she was ill or not, is still unfold.

But she wanted to die on her own wish. This is the reason MAID (MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IN DYING) make it possible. You might be thinking what is MAID. It is the drug which is induced by the medical practitioner or certified nurse in human body who want to die. The drug induces the death in the body and ultimately result in death. MAID became legal in Canada in 2016.

MAID medical staff willingness to help make it possible for Sandra to die. Princess Maraget medical staff hard work help Sandra in her times. The team includes Dr. Breadbury, Dr. Krema and all the medical staff.
Because of hospital exceptional and extra ordinary care, donation will be sent to Princess Margaret hospital foundation and Humber River hospital foundation.

Who is Sandra Pittana family?

Sandra Pittana was in 42 years marriage with Michael Pittana. Both were living peaceful and loving life together. Sandra had very big family. Sandra and Michael share one daughter together name Daphe, two grand daughter together.

The lady was well loved for her behaviour. This is the reason she is getting huge love from all over the world. May her soul rest in peace and God provide strength to her family to face this though time .

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