Combat With Dad and mom Conjures up Teen to Dig Underground Collapse His Yard

A Spanish teenager who started digging a hole in his back yard six years ago after an argument with his parents is now the proud owner of an underground cave in his own back yard.

Andres Canto was 14 years old when he first walked into his backyard in Alicante, Spain with a pickaxe after an argument with his parents. They didn’t let him go into town in a tracksuit, so he decided to stay home and blow off some steam by digging a hole. What he hadn’t planned on was digging as much as he was. Andres found that he loved going back to his growing hole every night after class and gradually widening it. He eventually brought a friend over to help him dig and together they turned the hole into an impressive cave.

“My parents wanted me to change my clothes to go to the village, but I wanted to wear the tracksuit so I could play around the village,” Canto told Zenger News. “They told me I couldn’t go out dressed like this and I said, ‘Don’t worry, I can talk,’ and I went to the back of the property and started digging a hole.”

Canto and his friend worked around 14 hours a day, and when they added a pneumatic drill to their burial arsenal, they made real progress. Soon they dug a living room and a bedroom. At first almost everything was done by hand, removing the dirt from the bucket, but Andres eventually implemented a pully system.

The roof is supported by arched entrances and pillared vaulted ceilings and concrete walls to prevent collapses. The 20-year-old claims that the building materials needed to consolidate his backyard cave only cost him about 50 euros.

Living in an underground cave has some drawbacks, as Andres admits that when it rains he faces the occasional flood and that insects and snails often find their way. Having its own private space more than makes up for shortcomings, however.

While Andres doesn’t live in the cave all day, he spends much of his free time there, as he has equipped it with WiFi from his cell phone, electricity and even a heater.