Come And Git It, Boys! 6 Hunky Ranch Palms Who May Use A Little Patricia In Their Lassos

Hey boys! Stop twirling those empty lassos in the air and really grab a thick slab of yours. Patricia here, and I’m finally all healed from my surgery and ready to be a little loud! Here are some good natured ranch hands that could definitely use a little Patricia in their lassos.

1. Jeremyah

Ohhhh, Jeremyah! Why are you out there messing all these cattle when Patricia has all the Grade A beef you need here? Come here cowboy and throw the braided rope around those creamy hips and reel Patricia like a trophy marlin. I promise you will not regret it!

2. Thant

Poor Thant worked so hard all day shooting pesky coyotes and pounding fence posts with his rough, sexy hands. Now he really needs to relax by letting old Patricia rub his sore feet and taking him a nice, hot, relaxing bath – hell if he’s lucky I can even join him! Call me when you’re ready honey.

3. Rogger

Patricia was born to get dizzy, dizzy, and giddy all over town! Take off your boots and hang the cowboy hat on Patrick’s bedside table because Momma has 4,000 acres of soft, fertile pasture that Rogger can walk around all night!

4th whale

Some women might get turned off by a sweaty, smelly, hard-working cattleman like Dyllyn here, but give me a good whiff of that manly musk and the overflowing of my trough. Thirsty, Dyllyn? Come over to Patricia and slurp me.

5. Arnaldo

Like a wild stallion, Patricia needs the right combination of discipline and gentleness to be tamed. Do you think you have what it takes, Arnaldo? Because this bronco is ready to be blown up and you can dig your spurs into my sides any day of the week. Yeehaw!

6. Brenton

Let’s see if Brenton can ride this bull for more than eight seconds! Don’t be shy guys. Patricia isn’t afraid of a little rope fire so raise me up like a pig and let me squeal. I have a lot of meat to do!

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