{Couples} who meet by courting apps usually tend to keep collectively, research finds

Dating apps are often viewed as a platform for making quick contact. However, one study found that they may be the best place to find a lasting relationship.

A survey of couples found that those who met online are more likely to stick together than romances that start in more traditional ways.

So if you’ve avoided dating apps as a place to find meaningful connection, psychologists have suggested that those who use the apps actually have stronger relationship goals and therefore a higher chance of finding that special person.

A study of 3,235 couples in Switzerland over the age of 18 found that those who met through dating apps were more motivated to live together than those who didn’t, The Sun reports.

It could be the key to finding long-term love

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It found that women who used apps like Tinder and Bumble to find a match were more keen on children, and both men and women who dated them were just as sexually and socially satisfied as other couples.

The survey also found that apps help cultivate long-distance relationships and more diverse couples, especially highly educated women and less educated men who go on dates.

Before dating apps really hit the market, websites were the go-to place to find a partner online, and the study found that they mostly attracted people over 40 and divorced.

Dr. Gina Potarca from the University of Geneva said: “The Internet is changing the dynamics of how people meet.

“It offers an unprecedented wealth of meeting opportunities and requires minimal effort.”

Once in the app, of course, you need to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chances, from creating the right profile to setting the opening line.

To help singletons on their way, Rosette Pambakian, Tinder’s vice president of branding and communication, posted her top tips and tricks to make sure your profile is properly wiped. You can see it here.

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