Dallas Stoller Death and Obituary, the case update news

We have heard several s**ual harassment cases, including assaults in the recent days. One such incident took place and shook the people when a boy named Bowen Turner assaulted or ‘rap*d’ 3 women. The case was taken over to the court room, but the public isn’t happy with the announcement of relief to the boy. Continue to read the article till the very end. We are here to guide you through it.

Basically, Bowen Turner is the son of Walt Turner who is also the DA or investigator for South Carolina first circuit solicitor. He has his internal power. Bowen was first accused to r*pe Chloe Bess. This happened over a party in 2019. As he was a juvenile that time, there were no charges against him on been a ‘s*x offender’. Before this incident, Bowen was already in bond with another case that took place in October 2018.

A year before the case with Chloe, Bowen was accused of raping and beating Dallas Hayer Stoller. This is surely unbearable. Even though the court convicted him to stay house arrest, he has expunged for over 50 house arrest violations. As per the people nearby, and his relatives, he only punishment that he got was a hand slap from the Orangeburg County Judge Markley Dennis. This was to teach him a lesson, ‘so called’. But we are apparently looking for severe punishment soon. There is another accusation against Bowen on charge of r*pe from a third victim. This was dismissed with lack of evidence and other non-sense stuff from authorities.

Majority of above situations took place when either the victim was intoxicated or not in the capability to defend. The public nearby isn’t happy, as the say that Walt Turner is using his internal connection to get Bowen a clean slate out of all cases. Stay tuned to know more information relating to the case of South Carolina’s Bowen Turner. We hope that the justice is served soon to all the victims that got caught without any intention with Bowen Turner.

The case of the Dallas Stoller is in the news again and being discussed by the people on the social media. The users are demanding for the brave girl. Bowen Turner is under custody trials and may face the more charges against him in the case. On the other hand, users remembered Dallas Stoller for her bravery and kindness. The more news will be updated on Absolutegeneralnews.

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