Danny zzzz son Mason Paulin Death Cause: How did he died?

Danny Zzzz, aka Daniel Paulin, made everybody’s heart stop with his AGT extreme efficiency on audition. Daniel Paulin is a globally recognized magician/ hypnotherapist. He has actually participated in the AGT Extreme, and he blew up audience’s mind in the audition itself. Some viewers are stressed if something has actually taken place to him on the program. Follow the details below. Luckily absolutely nothing has actually taken place to Danny Zzzz, aka Daniel Paulin on AGT Extreme.

America’s Got Talent surely brings up talent that we are keen to see once and while. Once such incident has covered on news and everyone started to worry that Daniel Paulin died after being hospitalized. There started sharing their condolences, but is it true that Daniel isn’t any more among us? To find out, follow our article till the very end.

Daniel Paulin who is also known as Danny Zzzz is a magician and hypnotist. He performs magic shows and performances for a living. The magician has great talent so to depict his talent in front of world, he visited AGT. During the show, he wanted to perform a dangerous stunt. He decided to stay locked in a crate that would be 140 feet above the ground hanging through a crane. If he failed, then he would be smashed from such an extreme height. So, to clear the point, the stunt was extremely dangerous.

During the stunt, all the judges, audience and Danny stepped out. Danny went in the air 140 feet above ground and was locked up. The timer started and after a while, the count down for 10 seconds began. Everyone’s breath was caught. The crate smashed the ground with extreme force, everyone thought that Danny failed. But apparently Danny was hanging on the crane totally safe. His performance was a success and everyone loved it.

But in the recent news, people were worried that Daniel died. The actual news is different, Daniel recently shared a tweet post that was relating the death of his 22 years old son. Which is sad because he use to perform all the stunts for his son. But tragedy hits when unexpected time comes and Danny lost his 22 years old son. This news made the headlines and everyone got confused.

We are aware that all these stunts are extremely dangerous and not always goes successful. Jonathan Goodwin performed a dangerous stunt few months ago, and it was unsuccessful. Jonathan got discharged from hospital on 20th February after a 4 months long recovery.

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