Darrell Clarke Daughter Ellie Clarke Death, Age, wife and family

Darrel Clarke: Port Vale boss dedicates to daughter Ellie Clarke

Football is more than life for many people but for a father it is not more than the life of his daughter. If you understand this then you will know how it feels when a daughter dies how a father must be feeling. This is what Darrell Clarke the manager of Port Vale a League Two side was feeling. According to this excellent coach he could actually feel his daughter kicking the balls with him. This seems a really emotional moment for the manager who took his side way up to win the final of League Two game and holds the trophy elegantly and proudly.

Darrell Clarke Daughter

This brave football manager lost his elder daughter this year and it was actually a tough period for him and his family. Absolutely it would have been same story for anyone who lost their child. This brave coach brushed all that aside saying he is not looking for any sympathy as many families in this world suffer from same situation bravely. That showed the real rock like attitude of this manager that actually helped his not so favorite side to win the season and get promoted to the next division and enjoy the success of lifting trophy that eludes many in professional football.

Darrell Clarke Wife and family

Darrell Clarke is a lucky man. He has been married to his devoted wife for nearly 30 years, and they have four children together who are all successful young adults living productive lives in their communities of choice—the United States or Canada

A few details about her life before him remain unknown but it’s clear that this woman – whoever she may be- knows how important family really means when you get down deep enough into them. Learn about the Darrell Clarke daughter Ellie death cause below.

Ellie Clarke Death

This win means Stags lost it out, a team that Darrell Clarke played for in his peak time. He said that he wishes that Stags succeeds next season and had nothing but warm wishes for the team and the manager Nigel Clough. Nigel Clough he is also happy for his opposite number and his team and termed him as a great friend. After the final whistle he even actually hugged Darrel Clarke. Hopefully these teams play well and entertain the fans and get more success in future. This way it will be good for football.

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