Death of VMJ Forex Education. Is he shot dead?

Who is VMJ Forex Education? Is the coming death news true or just fake? There are discussions and clips sharing on the social media about the death of VMJ. What is the matter? On searching to few news reports, it is reported that the rich trader/businessman shot dead last night. VMJ was a famous trader and forex educator in South Africa who was known for the collection of yellow cars and expensive houses. His death is shocking to the residents of the local. It is still not clear who killed VMJ. The investigation is bring carried out in the case.

Who was VMJ?

VMJ was the popular coach and forex trader in South Africa. He was known by the name VMJ Forex. He is the founder of the VMJ Forex Education. The company works in the training and teaching of the trading and forex to the clients. It gives the opportunity to learns the market tactics and strategy. The company provides mentor to help in the forex and trading.

He build the company through his own effort from scratch. They was the main successful achievement of the VMJ in the recent years. VMJ became rich and millionaire from the trading business and education.

How VMJ Forex Died?

The early reports on the social media claimed that he died in his car last night (Wednesday) in a shooting. Many users posted the same on the Twitter and social medial. No official statement yet from the VMJ’s family and friends. The killing of VMJ is a mystery right now because no one knows who shot him and why? What was the purpose behind it? Police may soon uncover all the facts and evidences in this case.

He was with his girlfriend when shooting took place on Wednesday. In the recent months, few more forex traders were attacked in the city.

VMJ Forex Net Worth

VMJ’s net worth is said to be in the millions. He made the business and fortune from the business trading and forex education. He founded the forex institution to train the students for trading business. He bought the expensive yellow cars and house from the money. He was an inspiration for youth who wanted to be in the forex business and trading in South Africa.

VMJ passed away on September 15, 2021. A clip of VMJ is widely spread on the social media. The fans expressed their deep sympathy on the Twitter and Instagram.

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